Bruce Banman

Bruce Banman


House Leader, MLA

About Bruce Banman

Bruce Banman is a dedicated public servant who has been representing the residents of Abbotsford South with unwavering commitment since his election as MLA in 2020. On September 13, 2023, Bruce joined the Conservative Party of British Columbia and was appointed House Leader.

A Longtime Resident and Advocate

A proud resident of Abbotsford since 1982, Bruce Banman's roots run deep in the heart of Abbotsford South. His journey into politics was fueled by a genuine desire to better serve his community. Bruce's extensive experience as a city councillor and as the mayor of Abbotsford has afforded him unique insights into the diverse needs and aspirations of his constituents.

Champion of Agricultural Issues and Affordable Housing

Throughout his career in public service, Bruce Banman has emerged as a steadfast advocate for critical issues facing Abbotsford South. His unwavering commitment to agricultural sustainability highlights his dedication to preserving the region's rich farming heritage. Simultaneously, his tireless work in advocating for affordable housing solutions underscores his commitment to ensuring that all residents have access to safe and affordable housing.

A Multifaceted Career Path

Before venturing into the realm of politics, Bruce Banman carved out a successful career as a chiropractor and owned his own small business. This entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen have complemented his journey in public service, equipping him with the insights and practical knowledge necessary to navigate complex challenges.

Experience, Passion, and Vision

Bruce Banman's leadership is defined by a harmonious fusion of experience, passion, and vision. His broad background uniquely positions him to advocate on behalf of Abbotsford South effectively. He understands the intricate dynamics of both the public and private sectors, enabling him to bridge gaps and drive positive change.