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What are the principles of the Conservative Party of British Columbia?

The Conservative Party of BC is founded on and will be guided by the following principles to promote:

  • Good government. A belief that good government is ethical, accountable, fiscally responsible and enforces the rule of law to provide for the peace and security of our society. A further belief in smaller, less intrusive, more efficient government to afford the greatest amount of freedom with the least amount of taxation;
  • Individual liberty and freedom. A belief that every individual has value, that life and liberty are a fundamental and inviolable right, and that everyone is born equal to enjoy life in a tolerant society that respects their individuality and freedom of speech, religion, and assembly;
  • Social responsibility. A belief in a strong social safety net that cares for the vulnerable in our society while encouraging individual self-sufficiency;
  • Free-enterprise economy. A belief that a competitive free-enterprise economy with the right to private property are essential to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit that creates prosperity; and
  • To support the work of like-minded organizations, and elections of representatives at other levels of government.

Is the Conservative Party of BC affiliated with any other political party?

No - The Conservative Party of BC is an independent organization with no official affiliations to any federal, provincial and/or municipal parties.

Is the Conservative Party of BC and the Conservative Party of Canada the same thing?

No – The Conservative Party of BC is a provincial party, while the Conservative Party of Canada is a federal party. While our parties are divided in jurisdiction, we do share common conservative beliefs, including smaller government, personal freedom and fiscal responsibility.

Who is the leader of the Conservative Party of BC?

John Rustad is the current leader of the Conservative Party of BC as of March 31, 2023.

Who is the candidate in my area?

The Conservative Party of BC is still in the process of nominating its candidates across the province. Unlike previous elections, the party now intends to run candidates in every single riding across BC.

How can I purchase a membership?

You can buy your membership here. Buying a membership allows you to participate in the governance of our party, including sitting on a Riding Association and attending our annual conventions. Your membership costs helps fund our campaign efforts and are eligible for provincial political contribution tax credits.

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