VICTORIA, BC: The Conservative Party of British Columbia is calling on the BC NDP government to fire Dr. Bonnie Henry. During Question Period on Wednesday, Bruce Banman, Conservative House Leader and MLA for Abbotsford South asked David Eby the following question:

"Mr. Speaker, during the COVID-19 crisis everyday hardworking people were sucked into a whirlpool of chaos caused by constantly changing rules, brutal restrictions on people’s personal freedoms, and a heavy-handed approach that especially failed the most vulnerable British Columbians.

"Today, British Columbia stands alone --- against all the evidence --- as one of the only jurisdictions in the world to ban healthcare workers who choose not to take the jab, because of the ideological agenda of this extreme leftist NDP government and their unelected bureaucrats.

"In the midst of a healthcare staffing crisis, Doctor Bonnie Henry and this NDP government have banned thousands of healthcare workers from working in BC’s hospitals, clinics, and Doctor’s Offices. This NDP government is failing working class, everyday British Columbians, and so is Dr. Bonnie Henry.

"Mr. Speaker --- Question to this NDP Premier, will he fire Dr. Bonnie Henry and hire back the thousands of healthcare workers who were wrongly kicked to the curb?"

In his supplemental question, Banman noted his own medical background and the necessity of ending medical tyranny in the province. "Mr. Speaker, let me say this as a licensed Medical Professional who is personally twice vaccinated, this is not about opposing the jab --- it is about ending the medical tyranny of this NDP government and Dr. Bonnie Henry.

"Question to this NDP Premier --- will you fire Dr. Bonnie Henry --- or do you want to wait for working class, everyday British Columbians to elect a Conservative government and fire you both?"

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