Friday, May 3, 2024 — Vancouver, BC: The Conservative Party of British Columbia is thrilled to announce former Vancouver Park Board Commissioner John Coupar as the candidate for the riding of Vancouver-Little Mountain, for the provincial election this fall.

In addition to his background as an elected official, John has served in leading positions at numerous Canadian corporations, including most recently in the role of President of a leading green, carbon-neutral transportation company. Coupar is experienced and well-equipped to address the diverse needs of not only the residents of his local community but all British Columbians.

John is well known as the key individual responsible for saving and restoring the iconic much loved Bloedel Conservatory, located at the geographic centre of Vancouver and the Little Mountain riding.

John is committed to his community and has a lifelong passion for public safety. He believes all residents deserve to feel safe in their communities.

"Public safety is the number one issue in our community. Residents deserve to walk down the street without worrying about being assaulted or robbed," said Coupar. "I know this riding and the people who reside in it. I've lived in Olympic Village for over a decade."

"The current NDP candidate, Christine Boyle, has not represented the concerns of this community. She doesn't even live in this community. She promoted the 'defund the police' movement. She supported reckless policies on illicit drug use. She is out of touch and radical. The people of Vancouver-Little Mountain need a common-sense conservative government that will restore public safety and make life affordable." concluded Coupar.

"It's a real honour for our party to have John Coupar run. His background as an elected Park Board Commissioner is incredibly valuable, as well as his background in environmental sustainability and advocacy for public safety.," said John Rustad.

“With his experience and passion for public safety, he is a great addition to the team of common sense conservatives we are building across the province,” Rustad concluded.

To learn more about John Coupar, click here.

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