Tegjot Bal

Tegjot Bal


MLA Candidate

About Tegjot

Tegjot Singh Bal is a dynamic individual with a strong background, currently holding roles as a Senior Marketing Executive and Radio Host at Radio Punjab AM1600. Born in India, his journey led him to Switzerland for a Hotel Management Diploma and to London, England, where he earned a Computer Science Diploma.

Married to Sohni Bal since 2007, Tegjot is a proud parent of two boys, Jai Singh Bal (13 years old) and Yuvraj Singh Bal (6 years old). Alongside his professional pursuits, he is dedicated to his family and takes pride in his role as a father. His spouse, Sohni Bal, serves as an Excise and Taxation officer at the Canada Revenue Agency.

Professional Journey

Before his radio career, Tegjot dedicated himself to public service as a Store Manager in the Liquor Distribution Branch of the Government of British Columbia. This role showcased his managerial skills and commitment to serving the public. Actively participating as a member of the British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU), he demonstrated engagement and advocacy for the rights and well-being of government employees.

Current Roles

As a Senior Marketing Executive, Tegjot leads marketing campaigns, championing various initiatives. Simultaneously, his role as a Radio Host at Radio Punjab AM1600 serves as a vital link to the community, offering a platform to address societal issues through thoughtful discussions and interviews.

Community Engagement

Tegjot actively participates in community events, offering assistance and focusing on creating a safe neighborhood for young individuals. Addressing issues such as drug-related concerns, he redirects youth aspirations toward achievements in sports and academics. His commitment to community well-being is rooted in transparency, accountability, and inclusivity.

Vision and Aspirations

Tegjot's overarching objective is to promote societal well-being and cultivate a harmonious community. Guided by principles of collaboration, his commitment is to foster shared goals and enhance Canada's national pride through youth accomplishments.

Policy Priorities:

  1. Addressing ICBC Monopoly: Advocates for dismantling the ICBC monopoly to introduce choice and competition, empowering British Columbians with diverse insurance options.

  2. Childcare Support: Proposes direct financial support for new parents and incentives for private sector engagement in expanding childcare facilities, in collaboration with municipalities.

  3. Housing Market Stability: Focuses on promoting stability and predictability in the housing market through measures to control prices and combat illegal money laundering.

  4. Gas Price Relief: Aims to address soaring gas prices by eliminating the Carbon Tax and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, ensuring a robust supply of refined products to provide relief to consumers at the pumps.

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