Simon Chandler

Simon Chandler


MLA Candidate

About Simon Chandler

A True Advocate for Burnaby North

Born and raised in the Vancouver area, Simon Chandler has dedicated his life to service and community betterment. With a diverse background spanning law enforcement support, military service, business acumen, and a commitment to conservative principles, Simon is the ideal candidate to represent Burnaby North in the BC Legislature.

Dedicated Support for Law Enforcement

Simon holds a firm belief in supporting those who serve and protect our communities each day. He dedicated three years of service as a Community Police Volunteer, gaining firsthand experience in crime prevention. During this time, Simon witnessed the crucial interactions between law enforcement and drug-users, reinforcing his belief in the need to equip officers with the necessary tools to effectively address the drug crisis and tackle crime.

Commitment to Service

Beginning his journey as an army cadet, Simon transitioned to serving in the Canadian Army Reserves as an Infantry Soldier. Through his service, Simon developed strong leadership skills and a deep understanding of teamwork, and learned of the key role that both the regular and reserve forces play domestic operations such as forest fires and flooding.

Bringing Business Acumen to Politics

Simon graduated with distinction from Trinity Western University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in accounting. He gained valuable experience in public practice accounting, focusing on federal and provincial tax matters and assisting clients in optimizing their businesses. Simon aims to bring this expertise to government, advocating for common- sense taxation policies. He has navigated the complexities of personal and corporate tax reporting and supported businesses impacted by pandemic restrictions.

Proven Leadership

Post-graduation, Simon attended the Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa, where he delved into the principles of good governance. Studying the legacies of past Prime Ministers and contemporary leaders, Simon engaged in debates where he championed Conservative policies. Additionally, he interned as a Policy Analyst in the food and beverage industry. By the end, Simon earned recognition for his exemplary leadership and graduated with a Certificate in Leadership and Applied Public Affairs.

Behind the Scenes

Outside of his professional pursuits, Simon finds joy in outdoor activities such as hiking and whitewater rafting. He cherishes moments spent camping along the Squamish Valley River and is an avid reader of history, believing in the importance of applying historical lessons to contemporary times. Additionally, Simon's passion for music is evident through his four-year journey as a guitar player.

Commitment to Burnaby North

Simon's commitment to enhancing provincial government services for Burnaby North residents is evident in his priorities. From effective crime prevention and enforcement to advocating for essential parental rights and reducing the cost of living, Simon aims to be a dedicated representative, ensuring the voices of Burnaby North are heard in the BC Legislature.

With his dedication, experience, and a deep understanding of the issues facing Burnaby North, Simon stands as the superior candidate to provide effective representation and positive change for the community in the BC Legislature.

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