Rosalyn Bird

Rosalyn Bird


MLA Candidate

About Rosalyn

A Dedicated Leader for Prince George-Valemount

Rosalyn Bird's journey as a dedicated leader began in her youth when she joined Sea Cadets, a national youth program jointly sponsored by the Department of National Defence. Her passion for being part of a team led her to a remarkable career with the Canadian Forces, and she now brings her wealth of experience and commitment to public service to the forefront as a candidate for the Conservative Party of BC in Prince George-Valemount.

A Career of Service and Success

Rosalyn's career in the Canadian Forces is marked by dedication and success. She embarked on this journey in 1990, starting as a Boatswain and later re-classifying as a Resource Management Clerk. Her outstanding performance and commitment to excellence led to her selection, in 2005, to be commissioned as a Naval Logistics Officer.

During her illustrious career, Rosalyn deployed in support of NATO and played a crucial role in Forward Logistics Support for Southeast Asia relations, Op Apollo, and Op Altair in support of Afghanistan. Her service took her across Canada, from BC to Nova Scotia and as far north as Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, at CFS Alert. She sailed on three different classes of ships: HMCS Nipigon (Steamer), HMCS Huron and Algonquin (280 Class Destroyers), and HMCS Ottawa (Canadian Patrol Frigate). Her journey in the Canadian Forces was one of dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment to her duties.

From Service to Politics

While Rosalyn never initially intended to pursue a career in politics, her belief in making a difference led her to take up this new challenge. She believes in the ethical principles she values and lives by: Duty, Loyalty, Integrity, and Courage, and she is convinced that these principles will benefit her constituents.

A Legacy of Public Service

Rosalyn's passion, commitment, and dedication to public service are evident through her more than twenty-two years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as her volunteer work with the Legion and various community support agencies and organizations. She brings to the table a wealth of leadership, critical thinking, organizational, logistical, and strategic planning experience.

Rosalyn's core belief is that positive change enables strong individuals who, in turn, build strong friendships, families, and communities. This, she believes, is the foundation for a strong, healthy, and prosperous province. She is determined to leave a selfless legacy coupled with positive leadership for future generations.

A Proud Resident of Prince George-Valemount

Rosalyn is grateful for the opportunity to represent the Prince George-Valemount area and to demonstrate that her actions embody and honor the values she holds dear. She looks forward to rebuilding a strong, safe, healthy, and prosperous province and is proud to call Prince George and the Province of British Columbia her forever home.

Rosalyn Bird's candidacy represents a unique blend of military expertise, leadership, and a deep commitment to public service. With her dedication to making a difference, she is ready to be a powerful advocate for the constituents of Prince George-Valemount, working tirelessly to create a brighter future for all.