FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | February 12th, 2024 — Victoria, BC:

“The Conservative Party of British Columbia supports families and Richmond residents who are furious at Richmond City Council’s plan to bring one of Premier Eby’s notorious NDP injection sites to a family neighbourhood in Richmond. Over 16,000 concerned people have signed the petition against this site, and the open-air drug den that it will create.”

“This injection site will bring drugs, crime, and chaos to Richmond. Drug dealers and users will take the Skytrain in from Downtown Eastside Vancouver, bringing drugs to use and sell at the site in Richmond and at the open-air drug den that inevitably pops up outside of Eby’s NDP injection sites.”

“The Conservative Party of British Columbia will close down this NDP injection site, we will end the myth of so-called “safe supply”, and we will invest in public funding for proven private sector treatment options in British Columbia — so we can add many more recovery and treatment spots fast.”

“It’s time to get people who need help off drugs that ruin lives, and bring back safe and walkable neighbourhoods in British Columbia for families and everyday residents to enjoy.”

For more information, please contact [email protected]