John Rustad, Leader of The Conservative Party of British Columbia, is promising to oppose Bill 21 and has committed to repeal it — should it pass.

“Premier Eby is caught in a major corruption scandal and his NDP are under two investigations. Now, his NDP have introduced a bill to undermine the independence of lawyers and politicize B.C.’s legal system. This comes just days after we learned that the RCMP in B.C. is under a political gag order, and a matter months before the next election. This is an outrageous assault on our democracy,” says Rustad.

Rustad says that feedback from the legal community reinforces what we have come to expect from Premier Eby, an authoritarian top-down approach, with a lack of transparency and next to no consultation.

"Rigging the board with B.C. NDP-insiders. Ending the self-regulation of lawyers in B.C. Political control of the legal system — that's what lawyers are telling us Bill 21 is designed to do. This is all intentional by Eby’s NDP," Rustad continues.

"Frankly, the feedback we’re getting is that Eby’s Bill 21 is an assault on the independence of lawyers and the legal profession. The Conservative Party of British Columbia will vote against it, and when we form government — we will repeal this authoritarian legislation,” Rustad concludes.

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