Per the Constitution of the Conservative Party, elections for Regional Directors must be held before the Party AGM. Active Riding Associations elect their Regional Director, who will then serve on the Board of Directors for a term and organize in their respective region. 

In order to qualify to be elected as a Regional Director, you must be a member in good standing (A member for a minimum of 21 days).

The following regions will have the opportunity to elect a Regional Director:

  1. Vancouver
  2. Vancouver Island - Central and North
  3. Vancouver Island - South
  4. North Shore - Sunshine Coast
  5. Surrey
  6. Prince George - Cariboo
  7. Northwest
  8. Okanagan - Shuswap
  9. Richmond - Delta
  10. Burnaby - New Westminster and the Tri-Cities
  11. Fraser Valley

To express interest in the role, please email our Membership Chair, Angelo Isidorou. [email protected]

The window for nominations will be open now and stay open until 12:00 AM PST Sunday, May 14. In your email to the Membership chair, please provide your full name and a short paragraph about yourself and any relevant experience.

After nominations close, All Riding Association Presidents will be contacted with their options and a voting window. Once the voting process is complete, the new or re-elected Regional Directors will be formally added to the Party Board and introduced to the membership within the region.

Additional Information

If you are a Riding Association President, expect an email from our Membership Chair, outlining the procedure to vote and your options for candidates. 

If you already serve in the role of Regional Director, please note this is the end of your term and you will need to re-nominate yourself should you seek the opportunity for a second term.

If there is a tie among Riding Associations in their vote, the tie-breaker vote will go to the Party Executive Board.

For Freedom,

Angelo Isidorou

Membership Chair