Mandeep Dhaliwal

Mandeep Dhaliwal


MLA Candidate

About Mandeep

Mandeep Dhaliwal's journey to becoming a candidate for the Conservative Party of BC in Surrey North is a testament to his diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to community service. Migrating to Canada in his 20s with his family, Mandeep embarked on a path that blends his love for social services, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for public engagement.

Family and Background

Raised in Surrey, Mandeep is a devoted family man, nurturing his small family, which includes his wife Pawan, a dedicated Registered Nurse, and their son Diltaj. His roots in social service sprouted in India, where he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in group humanity and excelled in the folk game of Punjab, Kabaddi (wrestling). As a national-level player, he secured a gold medal in an inter-college tournament, reflecting his dedication and prowess in sports.

Entrepreneurship in Canada

Transitioning to Canada, Mandeep became a small business owner, establishing Fixman Auto Glass Repair and Fixman Auto Glass Supplier in Surrey. Through hard work and determination, he transformed his ventures into trusted brands within the industry. As a successful entrepreneur, Mandeep is attuned to the challenges faced by small businesses and is committed to advocating for policies fostering growth and supporting startups.

Community Engagement

Beyond business, Mandeep is deeply immersed in his local community. Actively participating in various events and initiatives, he supports local charities and organizations, embodying his belief in giving back to the community that supported his business.

Sikh Motorcycle Club and Philanthropy

Mandeep's commitment to social services continues through his membership in the BC Sikh Motorcycle Club, engaging in rides that contribute to the community. Notable among these is the 2016 motorcycle ride from BC to Ontario, where he played a pivotal role in raising $100,000 for the BC Cancer Society. Another remarkable feat is his participation in a fundraising bike ride from Canada to India, setting a world record and generating $100,000 for the Khalsa Aid organization.

Advocacy and Vision for BC

Throughout his life, Mandeep has displayed a passion for public service, social justice, equality, and sustainability. His vision for BC focuses on critical areas such as affordable housing, education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability. Mandeep believes that by investing in these areas, a stronger, more inclusive community can be forged.

Community-Centric Representation

As a candidate, Mandeep is dedicated to listening to the concerns and ideas of community members, ensuring their voices shape the decision-making process. With experience, passion, and dedication, he envisions progress, opportunity, and a better future for all residents. Mandeep Dhaliwal is poised to be a dynamic representative, committed to transparency, accountability, and integrity in his role as a public servant.

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