Rustad says NDP must hold referendum if they want to dissolve the Vancouver Parks Board

VANCOUVER, BC: Conservative Party of British Columbia Leader John Rustad is criticizing Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim for his reckless spending and is asking Premier Eby to hold a referendum on Vancouver’s Park Board.

“Frankly, Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim should get his own house in order before trying to fire other elected officials. Vancouverites are paying more in property taxes than ever before — if Mayor Sim wants to cut costs, he should get his own spending under control,” says Rustad.

“People voted for these Park Board Commissioners. They deserve to have a voice — and a vote — in what happens here. We have a democracy,” continues Rustad.

Rustad argues that elected Parks Board officials should not be removed from their positions without a democratic process. “Premier Eby needs to hold a democratic referendum in Vancouver if he wants to greenlight this. In Surrey, the NDP created a mess by overturning democracy — they can’t be allowed to make yet another mess in Vancouver,” Rustad concludes.

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