Conservatives’ approach will be to end open-air drug dens and bring back safe streets for families.

VANCOUVER, BC: "We want British Columbians to feel safe in our neighbourhoods, and we want people to support local BC businesses — that can’t happen when people are on our streets, using hard drugs.

“Under Eby’s BC NDP open-air drug dens, like Vancouver’s East Hastings, have been flourishing, and new ones popping up in just about every community. It’s not safe for people and families, and it kills local economies — what tourist or shopper wants to walk down a street where it’s unsafe and smells like drug fumes?

“We’ve made it illegal to drink a six-pack of beer outside on the street — you certainly shouldn’t be able to use heroin or crack outside on the same street. If the courts want to protect hard drug use in public, we will use the Notwithstanding Clause to overrule them and enact a common sense approach that puts people and families first.

“Frankly, it’s concerning that our courts are saying the watered-down NDP approach, which is supported by BC United-Liberals, is too restrictive. Anything short of a total ban on public hard drug use isn’t strong enough; again, you can’t walk down the street chugging beer from a six-pack; why would you be allowed to smoke crack in public? It just doesn’t make sense."

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