VICTORIA, BC (March 2, 2023): MLA John Rustad Demands Government Ask for Consent to Increase or Add More Taxes. 

"It's an issue of fairness. British Columbians can't afford to live, yet taxes keep going up. Politicians in Victoria should be asking consent from their constituents, who they work for, before raising their taxes. Government needs to start asking British Columbians permission — every single time — before increasing taxes or introducing new taxes," says Rustad.

"The simplest, fairest way to allow people to be heard is a referendum process, so that's what I'm going to be putting forward," Rustad continues.

Budget 2023 increases the tax burden on British Columbians, by adding another 30% to the carbon tax. Revenue generated by BC's carbon tax now represents the equivalent of over a 15% increase to BC's provincial income tax revenue.

"This is money which is coming out of working people's pockets — meanwhile, British Columbians are dealing with inflation and an affordability crisis. It's wrong. The people's government shouldn't be able to take from their pockets without asking first," says Rustad.

Rustad argues that direct democracy is necessary to give British Columbians a voice into their province's budget. He is asking British Columbians who would like to share their concerns about BC's tax increases or contribute to his proposal to contact his office.

"British Columbia's budget shouldn't be about punishing BC's citizens, especially while people are struggling due to affordability and inflation. People work hard for their money, and they deserve to have their voice heard," Rustad concludes.


The Office of Conservative Party MLA for Nechako Lakes, MLA John Rustad
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