VICTORIA, BC (January 31, 2023): The Conservative Party of BC calls out the BC NDP for their softening stance on drugs and crime.

From his hometown in Northern BC, Conservative leader Trevor Bolin commented Tuesday that "the NDP being soft on drugs and ultimately crime have let down those most in need of help."

"Instead of Premier Eby committing to the funding so desperately needed in mental health and addictions - they, along with the Liberal party of Canada, have given up communities and families," Bolin continued. "Our children have been taught for decades that hard drugs ruin families, and their effects are in plain sight on our streets with the most vulnerable losing their lives."

The Conservative Party of BC believes in adopting a treatment-based approach to drug addiction, similar to the new Alberta Model seen in Premier Danielle Smith's government. In contrast, Bolin believes the BC NDP's decriminalization of hard drugs is nothing more than a means to hide the tragedy of drug addiction.

"Public service requires you to do the hard work, show up first, and stand with your neighbours and families. Hiding from important issues is not an option for serious leaders," he continued. "Mr. Premier, where is the funding to provide our loved ones with the help they desperately need and deserve?"

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