Dennis Giesbrecht

Dennis Giesbrecht

Kamloops Centre

MLA Candidate

About Dennis Giesbrecht

Interior Roots 

Rooted in the heart of the BC interior, Dennis Giesbrecht is extending his hand to the residents of the newly formed riding of Kamloops Centre. Known for his unwavering dedication to the Conservative Party of BC, Dennis is committed to ushering in positive change for this vibrant community. As a long-time resident, he views his candidacy as a personal pledge to serve his home and its people faithfully.

Life Experience 

Drawing from a rich tapestry of life experiences, Dennis's background in industry and global travel has provided him with invaluable insights into successful and less successful projects. Dennis built his career in heavy industry. As an inspector he traveled the world ensuring projects were built and maintained to the highest standards of safety and environmental standards. Dennis knows the importance that energy, forestry and ship building play in our economy. His dedication to continuous learning equips him to embrace diverse perspectives and chart a course towards progress for the community.

Defending Prosperity for all

Dennis staunchly defends prosperity for all British Columbians, recognizing the pivotal role of robust economic leadership and the importance of setting tangible, achievable goals. He understands that a thriving economy not only uplifts individuals but also bolsters essential programs that propel us forward collectively.

A vision for the Future

With the unwavering support of his family, Dennis is singularly focused on representing the aspirations of his constituents with integrity and equilibrium. Embracing conservative values of common sense, transparency, fair taxation, and prudent spending, Dennis pledges to alleviate burdens on both businesses and citizens alike.

Dennis's campaign isn't just rhetoric; it's a commitment to propel BC forward through incremental steps, never taking the trust of the voters for granted. With Dennis Giesbrecht at the helm, Kamloops Centre can look forward to a future grounded in conservative principles and marked by tangible progress for all.

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