Conservative Leader John Rustad released the following statement:

VICTORIA, BC: "Our changing climate is real, and man is impacting our climate. Anthropogenic warming from CO2 is also real, and it is one of hundreds of potential factors when considering our climate.

"However, British Columbians are NOT facing an existential threat from our changing climate. It isn’t a crisis. In fact, our changing climate is not the most pressing issue facing us in BC or around the world.

"The Conservative Party of BC will not go down the rabbit hole of over-taxation, hype, scare-tactics and false promises. Our climate approach will be about safeguarding BC’s future and fighting tooth and nail to make life more affordable for everyday, hardworking British Columbians.

"The Conservative Party of BC’s Climate Policy – Planning for BC to Adapt and Prosper – will include:

• "Eliminating costly climate taxes and policies – including the Carbon Tax, Gas Tax, Clean B.C. and Fuel Standard – and returning the money to British Columbians. Taxing everyday, working people into poverty will not change the weather.

• "Assuring food and energy security for British Columbians by dramatically increasing food production and securing our future energy needs.

• "Improving our water management. Clean, readily available water is critical for BC’s future.

"Now, more than ever, British Columbians need leadership that is honest, transparent, and which shares their priorities. We also need leadership which believes in the power of building science and technology to adapt and solve problems – as man has always done – rather than a climate doom-cult.

"BC needs to adapt to our changing future to prosper. We must approach climate from a positive, constructive, optimistic mindset. We can’t afford to give up, give in, or bow out of the challenge."

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