Bryan Breguet

Bryan Breguet


MLA Candidate

About Bryan

Bryan Breguet, a dynamic candidate for the Conservative Party of BC in Vancouver-Langara, brings a unique blend of international experience, economic expertise, and a commitment to cooperative leadership.

Global Roots and Educational Pursuits

Born in Switzerland, Bryan's journey began with completing mandatory military service before making his way to Montreal to pursue studies in economics and politics. His educational pursuits led him to Vancouver in 2008, where he not only decided to make it his home but also embraced married life and rescued a furry best friend.

Numbers, Advocacy, and Electoral Insight

Bryan's analytical mind shines through his role as a political analyst. Since 2011, he has been providing electoral projections and analysis on his website, Too Close To Call, gaining a substantial following on social media. He has consistently advocated for higher living standards, standing firm on principles of freedom and highlighting the impact of governmental policies on the quality of life. As an economist, Bryan understands the profound consequences of declining GDP per capita, emphasizing the need for policies that enhance the overall well-being of the people.

Leadership and Cooperation

In various roles, including chairing the economics department, Bryan has demonstrated a results-oriented approach through cooperation rather than mere virtue signaling. With a focus on tangible outcomes, he understands that people expect politicians to improve their lives. Bryan's leadership skills are underscored by a commitment to getting things done in collaboration with others.

Listening to the People

Bryan believes in the power of direct democracy, having witnessed its effectiveness in Switzerland. Advocating for more direct participation in BC, he emphasizes that while politicians are elected to lead, the power must remain in the hands of the people. Listening to the concerns and aspirations of the community is a fundamental aspect of Bryan's cooperative approach to governance.

Commitment to Vancouver-Langara

With over a decade of service to the students of Vancouver-Langara, Bryan is ready to extend his commitment to the residents of the riding at the Legislative Assembly. Applying the same integrity and cooperative approach that has defined his career, he envisions a future where the voices of the people shape policies and decisions. Bryan Breguet's candidacy is rooted in a dedication to improving the lives of those in Vancouver-Langara through effective leadership, economic insight, and a genuine commitment to democratic principles.

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