About Avtar

Avtar Singh Gill, a distinguished business leader in Surrey, BC, has significantly contributed to his community. As President and CEO of Scott Road Insurance Services, he's demonstrated exceptional business acumen and leadership skills. Originally from India, Avtar migrated from India at age 21 and has been married to Harwinder Kaur Gill for 27 years, with whom he has two sons. In addition, he served as a Union Director for COOWA for two years. 

A Longtime Resident and Advocate

Known for his deep commitment to Surrey, Avtar advocates for equality, social justice, and community service. He lives by the principles of honesty, compassion, and integrity. His volunteer work with organizations like Akal Academy and Guru Nanak's Free Kitchen highlights his dedication to social welfare and cultural enrichment.

Avtar is educated in Agriculture Sciences (BSc. Hons.) and business (Sauder School of Business, UBC)  and expertly blends grassroots knowledge with advanced business strategies. His tenured real estate career with Sutton Group showcases his empathetic client service approach.

Experience, Strengths, and Fiscal Responsibility

Avtar's strengths include excellent communication, independence, teamwork, and technological proficiency. His record as a presiding officer in elections and advisory board member for documentary productions speaks to his dedication to governance and cultural storytelling.

Now running for MLA, aims to foster a balanced community in Surrey, focusing on education, cultural identity, and economic growth. He is committed to transparent leadership, sustainable development, and community service and is ready to represent Surrey's diverse needs in the Legislative Assembly.

Avtar is not just a voice for the people; he is a proactive doer, ready to serve and uplift every member of his beloved city with integrity and a spirit of service. His platform is built on transparent leadership, sustainable development, and an unwavering commitment to community service, aiming to make Surrey a thriving hub for all its residents. With his blend of financial savvy, community service, and political engagement, he stands ready to represent Surrey in the Legislative Assembly and drive meaningful change.

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