Dr. Anna Kindy

Dr. Anna Kindy


MLA Candidate

About Dr. Anna

A Physician and Advocate for the North Island

Dr. Anna Kindy, a physician, addiction specialist and dedicated advocate, is running as a candidate for the MLA position in North Island under the banner of the Conservative Party of BC. With a career spanning 35 years in medicine and a commitment to her community, Anna is poised to make a significant impact on the North Island's well-being.

Championing the Marginalised and Stigmatised

Throughout her career, Anna has been a tireless advocate for the marginalised and stigmatised populations of the North Island. Her compassionate approach to healthcare and her ability to objectively analyse issues have allowed her to collaborate effectively to address root problems and work towards positive solutions.

A Physician's Journey of Service

Anna's journey in medicine began with her graduation from the University of Alberta Medical School in 1986. Early in her career, she worked in remote Quebec, gaining valuable experience and contributing to underserved communities. In a unique twist, from 1989-1992, she balanced a career as a family doctor in Port Hardy with her husband, who was also a GP, while simultaneously competing on the World Cup circuit in mogul skiing. Her dedication and perseverance led her to represent Canada in mogul skiing at the Albertville Olympics in 1992.

In 1998, Anna and her husband, Dr. Peter Olesen, a surgeon, made the pivotal decision to move to Campbell River to both work and raise their three children. Anna's commitment to healthcare extended to international missions in Guatemala. She specialised in addiction medicine and embraced principles such as informed consent, doing no harm, and upholding bodily autonomy as core tenets of her practice.

A Vision for Positive Change

Anna's vision for the North Island is one of positive change and empowerment. She is excited to join John Rustad's Conservative Party of BC team to help break away from politics as usual. Her mission is to provide the North Island's population with a strong voice, driving improvements in their standard of living, work environments, and access to healthcare.

Dr. Anna Kindy's candidacy represents a unique blend of medical expertise, community advocacy, and a deep commitment to fostering well-being in the North Island.

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