Zeeshan Wahla is a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) with extensive experience in engineering and planning, successfully running an Engineering Consulting business. He is registered P. Eng. in four provinces. He is committed to uphold the values of truth, honesty, and trustworthiness and safeguard human life and welfare and the environment.


Zeeshan has proudly called Surrey home ever since he first arrived in Canada as an immigrant. In addition to his deep ties to the community, he finds immense joy in his role as a devoted husband to his better half and as a loving father to his four beautiful daughters. Zeeshan's unwavering commitment to his family extends to ensuring their education and well-being, as he passionately strives to provide them with the opportunities for a bright and prosperous future.

Within the walls of his home, Zeeshan finds solace and fulfillment in the company of his cherished family, which includes his mother, his supportive wife, and their beloved daughters. Together, they form a tight-knit unit, united by love, respect, and a shared vision for a life filled with happiness and success. Through his dedication to both his family and his community, Zeeshan exemplifies the values of compassion, resilience, and determination that define his character and shape his aspirations for the future.

Roots and Values

Arriving in British Columbia as an immigrant in 2007, hailing from a family steeped in a tradition of hard work and perseverance, Zeeshan is deeply committed to enhancing the quality of life for all residents of this vibrant province. With a profound experience, Zeeshan's journey includes a steadfast pursuit of higher education and the establishment of himself as a dynamic entrepreneur. Through these experiences, he has gained invaluable insight into the challenges faced by ordinary individuals within the current socio-economic landscape. Zeeshan's unwavering dedication is directed towards serving the people of Surrey City Centre electoral district and the broader community of British Columbia, striving to address their needs and aspirations with integrity and compassion.

Community Engagement

With over a decade of active involvement in the Surrey community, Zeeshan has been fortunate to witness the richness of its diversity and the generosity of its people. The support and opportunities he has received from the community have been immeasurable, shaping his perspective and instilling in him a profound sense of gratitude. He is compelled by a deep-seated belief that it is his turn to reciprocate and contribute to the betterment of the community that has given him so much.

However, amidst the strengths of our community, he recognizes that there are challenges that demand our attention. Many individuals and families are grappling with the consequences of current government policies, rules, and regulations, which have created barriers and hardships for everyday citizens. It is with a sense of responsibility and urgency that we step forward, motivated to advocate for change and work tirelessly to address these pressing issues. Together, with the support and collaboration of fellow community members, Zeeshan is committed to fostering positive transformation and ensuring that the voices of those affected are heard and represented.

Conservative Alignment

Zeeshan strongly believes that the Conservative Party of BC stands out as the only political entity with a clear vision and ambitious agenda focused on addressing the pressing issues affecting the common person and our community at large. The current state of the housing market and soaring gas prices have reached unsustainable levels, placing significant strain on the livelihoods of individuals and families across British Columbia. Zeeshan believes it is imperative that the government takes decisive action to rein in these escalating costs by implementing effective measures to stabilize the housing market and alleviate the burden of high gas prices. Additionally, there is a critical need to reassess government spending, particularly in areas of lavish expenditures, and redirect those funds back to the taxpayers who ultimately foot the bill.

Zeeshan holds a firm belief in the fundamental right of parents to make informed decisions regarding the education of their children. He advocates for a system in which parents are empowered to choose the educational path that best aligns with their values, beliefs, and aspirations for their children. Whether it be through public, private, or homeschooling avenues, Zeeshan emphasizes the importance of government providing fair and equitable funding to support families in accessing the type of education they deem most suitable for their children's needs. Recognizing that each child is unique and may thrive in different educational environments, Zeeshan acknowledges the principle of educational diversity and choice. He understands that parents are in the best position to determine the educational setting that will nurture their children's talents, interests, and learning styles. 

Zeeshan asserts that political bias and ideology have no rightful place within British Columbia's education curriculum and advocates for their immediate removal. He emphasizes that schools should serve as environments dedicated to learning, devoid of agendas aimed at activism or indoctrination. He firmly believes that education should be a neutral and objective pursuit, free from the influence of partisan ideologies. He maintains that students deserve an education that equips them with critical thinking skills, fosters open-mindedness, and encourages exploration of diverse perspectives without bias or coercion.

Zeeshan seeks to ensure that schools remain bastions of knowledge and intellectual growth, where students are empowered to form their own informed opinions based on facts and evidence. He is committed to promoting an educational environment that cultivates independent thinking and respects the diverse viewpoints of students, educators, and families alike.

Moreover, prioritizing policies that support the growth and prosperity of small and medium-sized businesses is paramount. These enterprises serve as the backbone of our economy, yet they often face numerous obstacles and barriers to success. By implementing targeted initiatives and providing necessary resources and support, we can empower these businesses to thrive and contribute to the overall economic well-being of our province.

In essence, Zeeshan believes the Conservative Party of BC’s commitment to prudent fiscal management, economic empowerment, and advocacy for the common man positions it as the most viable option for bringing about positive change and addressing the challenges facing our community.

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