VICTORIA, BC (February 16, 2023): Independent MLA John Rustad has announced that he has joined the Conservative Party of British Columbia. The veteran MLA and former Minister John Rustad is proud to have joined the newly rebranded party and will represent its members in the legislature.

During Question Period Thursday, Conservative Party MLA John Rustad immediately began fighting for freedom, common sense, and a stronger BC by asking the BC NDP:

"When will this (BC NDP) government do the right thing and hire back BC’s healthcare heroes (...)?"

“As British Columbians, we need to fight for a stronger, freer — and, this is key — more compassionate province. A province that understands the importance of fighting for personal freedoms, good jobs for working people, and lower costs of living for families. There is only one party that is offering genuine opposition to our NDP government and that's the Conservative Party of British Columbia,” says Rustad.

"Compassion to me means fighting for the interests of everyday people — not party insiders and elites; it means fighting for healthcare for sick and injured British Columbians — not further cementing our ossified healthcare system; it means putting peoples' dignity and ability to feed their families first and foremost — not squeezing the middle class with punishing climate policies," says Rustad.

“I'm fighting alongside British Columbians, because I know a stronger, freer and more compassionate BC is possible — and I consider myself one of the thousands of other British Columbians who are fed up with the false choice between BC NDP or the BC Liberals' NDP-lite approach,” Rustad continues.

"We’re going to make history in the next election — because for the first time in decades, we're going to give British Columbians a renewed coalition party — a party that fights for people instead of party insiders," says Rustad.

"As the leader, former candidate and proud member of the Conservative Party of BC, I gladly welcome John Rustad to our team," says Conservative Party Leader Trevor Bolin.

"I have watched John both on a local level, in his own riding, as well as a provincial level and know how much he holds his constituents and the great folks of BC in the forefront of his passion," he continues.

"I look forward to working with John, and I’m excited for what the future holds," says Bolin.

"We need to come together as British Columbians. I'm looking forward to working to earn the trust of British Columbians and fighting hard for everyday people," concludes Conservative MLA John Rustad.



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