Ward Stamer

Ward Stamer

Kamloops-North Thompson

MLA Candidate

About Ward Stamer

About Ward

Ward Stamer, a devoted husband to his beloved wife Carleen and a proud father of two adult children and three grandchildren, has deep roots in Barriere, where he has called home since his youth. With a career spanning many years in the forest industry, Ward's commitment to his community is unwavering.

Leadership and Community InvolvementĀ 

Ward's dedication to public service began long before his mayoral tenure, serving as Chairman to the Barriere Improvement District, overseeing essential services such as solid waste management, streetlights, water, and fire services. His leadership continued as he was elected to Barriere's first Council upon incorporation, eventually earning the trust of the community to serve as Mayor in 2018 and subsequently re-elected in 2022.

As a Lions Club member for over three decades, Ward embodies the motto "We Serve," which reflects his lifelong dedication to his community and its people. During his two terms as Mayor, Ward has confronted the challenges faced by municipalities head-on, prioritizing critical issues such as healthcare access, affordable housing, and senior care.

Under Ward's leadership, significant infrastructure improvements have been realized, including enhanced water system capacity and the expansion of the business and industrial park sectors, providing localized employment opportunities for residents.

Commitment to Kamloops-North Thompson

  1. Healthcare Access: Ward advocates for streamlining accreditation processes to attract and retain medical professionals, ensuring residents have access to quality healthcare services.

  2. Affordable Housing: Recognizing the housing affordability crisis, Ward proposes fostering public-private partnerships to unlock land for sustainable housing projects, coupled with strategic infrastructure investments.

  3. Economic Stability: Ward prioritizes fiscal responsibility by curbing excessive spending, and conducting a comprehensive review of provincial taxes to alleviate burdens on residents and businesses.

  4. New Initiatives: Ward is committed to revitalizing the local economy by promoting resource industries such as forestry, mining, agriculture, and tourism, thereby creating jobs and opportunities for families. Additionally, he envisions a future of energy self-sufficiency through investments in renewable energy sources.

Ward's leadership, community involvement, and forward-thinking platform embody a vision of progress and prosperity for Kamloops-North Thompson. With his proven track record and unwavering dedication, Ward is poised to lead the region towards a brighter future for all its residents.