Rooted in Vancouver Renfrew

Tom Ikonomou extends warm greetings to the residents of Vancouver-Renfrew. Presenting himself as the dedicated BC Conservative candidate, Tom is committed to bringing positive change and effective representation to this vibrant community. Being a long-time resident, he considers this candidacy a personal commitment to the people and the place he calls home.

Education and Expertise

With a background in small business entrepreneurship, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to address the challenges faced by the community. His dedication to lifelong learning ensures he stays informed about the issues that matter most to the residents.

Community Involvement

Tom believes that effective leadership begins with active community involvement. Over the years, he has had the privilege of working closely with local organizations, community groups, and residents. This hands-on experience has provided him with valuable insights into the unique needs and aspirations of Vancouver-Renfrew.

Professional Accomplishments

In his professional career, Tom has successfully started a number of restaurants, showcasing his ability to navigate complex issues and deliver results. He is committed to applying this expertise to create a thriving and prosperous future for Vancouver-Renfrew.

Your Voice, Your Representative

Tom is not just a candidate; he is the voice of the people. Together, let's build a brighter future for Vancouver-Renfrew—one that reflects the aspirations and dreams of each resident. He is here to listen, engage, and work tirelessly on behalf of the community.