Tim is a lawyer whose career has been dedicated to serving First Nations across British Columbia. Despite being legally blind, he has won major battles for his clients both inside and outside of the courtroom. These include the negotiation of historic LNG pipeline agreements, the establishment of a 2-million-acre conservation area south of the Peace River, and a landmark victory for endangered caribou at the BC Court of Appeal.

Good Intentions and the Vulnerable

Tim understands the compassionate impulses motivating many progressive causes. But bad ideas can come from good places and Tim is unwilling to ignore the consequences of good intentions. He has seen how the carbon tax, for example, punishes struggling families and northerners who can’t simply cycle to work when the temperature is 40 below zero. Tim supports climate action that actually protects vulnerable British Columbians, like the controlled burns he and his First Nations clients proposed for years to mitigate wildfires only to be ignored by governments chasing newspaper headlines.

Community Leadership

Tim has lived in Victoria for nearly 20 years, during which time he has served as a director of several regional and local organizations, including the Sierra Club of BC, the Victoria Bitcoin Meetup, and the Victoria Scrabble Club. His leadership has helped transform a diverse array of individuals from every conceivable walk of life into strong, supportive communities.

Protecting Diversity in Public Education

Tim is married and has two young daughters, one in, and the other about to enter, elementary school. They are fortunate to learn and play with kids from a wide range of cultural, religious, and other backgrounds. But the politicization of K-12 is a threat to this diversity. Tim has therefore advocated for the replacement of SOGI and other forms of classroom activism with policies which include multiple viewpoints and which protect every kind of kid from every kind of bullying. 

Tim earned his law degree from the University of Victoria, where he welcomed encounters with new ideas and organized debates on a range of issues. Like many of his progressive colleagues, he has been dismayed to see our universities and elected leaders now encouraging students to “shout down” and physically intimidate the people with whom they disagree. As a lawyer, he understands that the rule of law protects us all. As an MLA, Tim will defend every British Columbian’s constitutional right to free expression and peaceful assembly, on and off of campus.

Finding Common Ground

Over the last seven years, we have all seen core public services like healthcare, education, and housing deteriorate while the government was distracted by peripheral issues and the demands of activists. Tim’s success has come from knowing where to find common ground and how to stay focused on the fundamentals. He is as comfortable chewing the (moosemeat) fat with elders at the lakeshore as he is arm-twisting CEOs in corner offices. If elected, Tim’s attention will belong to every constituent of the riding and his energy will be devoted to championing their common causes in the Legislature.