Syed Mohsin

Syed Mohsin


MLA Candidate

About Syed Mohsin

Political Career

Syed Mohsin's political career started early, as he served as a Member of Parliament in Bangladesh from 1993 to 1995, representing his constituents with dedication and commitment. In 2021, he ran as a Member of Parliament candidate from the Conservative Party of Canada in Surrey-Newton, demonstrating his continued interest in serving the community through political leadership.

Professional Background

Syed Mohsin is a dedicated businessman, self-employed and the owner of Eagle Eye Apparels. His company specializes in importing school and work uniforms from offshore manufacturers, providing essential clothing items to various institutions and businesses.


Syed Mohsin's educational journey began in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where he completed his Secondary School Certificate at Residential Model School. He furthered his studies at Dhaka College, earning his Higher Secondary School Certificate. Seeking higher education opportunities, Syed Mohsin pursued a Bachelor's in Science at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma, USA. He later obtained a Master's in Arts from Amberton University in Garland, Texas, USA.

Community Engagement and Contributions

Upon moving to Canada with his family in September 1998, Syed Mohsin became actively involved in various social and cultural activities. Alongside his wife, he introduced and organized the annual Boishakhi Mela, a celebration of Bangladeshi culture and heritage that continues to be a cherished event within the Bangladeshi community in BC. Syed Mohsin's role as a certified interpreter allowed him to assist over 100 families in settling down in BC as refugees, showcasing his commitment to supporting newcomers and fostering community integration.

Conservative Values and Advocacy

Raised with conservative values, Syed Mohsin has been a strong advocate for promoting these principles within his community. He has organized and sponsored large gatherings aimed at bringing community members and leaders together to embrace conservative values and engage in mainstream political activities. His efforts have inspired many to participate in the democratic process and contribute to the betterment of society.

Vision for Vancouver-Kensington

Syed Mohsin's vision for Vancouver-Kensington is one of community strength, cultural diversity, and economic prosperity. With his background in business, community engagement, and political leadership, he seeks to represent the constituents of Vancouver-Kensington with integrity and dedication, advocating for policies that support small businesses, cultural diversity, and conservative values.


Syed Mohsin's multifaceted background, encompassing business acumen, political experience, and community engagement, make him a strong candidate for Vancouver-Kensington. His commitment to conservative values, community service, and inclusive leadership positions him as a candidate dedicated to representing the diverse interests and aspirations of the constituents of Vancouver-Kensington.