Early Life and Community Engagement

Stephen Frolek was born in Vancouver, the product of a union between a ranch foreman from Kamloops and the daughter of a successful business owner from Vancouver. His formative years were spent in South Delta, where he actively engaged with the community. By the time he graduated high school, Stephen had achieved a black belt in Taekwondo and was a dedicated youth leader in his church.

Pursuing a Dream in Law Enforcement

Upon high school graduation, Stephen aspired to become a police officer, a dream that led him on a path of preparation for a life dedicated to serving his community.

Service to Canada - A Heroic Journey

In his pursuit of public service, Stephen joined the Canadian Forces Army Reserve. His commitment led him to volunteer for a deployment to Afghanistan, where he played a vital role in the Police Operational Mentor Liaison Team (POMLT). Working alongside Afghan National Police officers, Stephen and his team taught and mentored these officers to strengthen the country's police force, making Afghanistan a safer place for its citizens. One of the most impactful lessons taught was first aid, a skill that proved life-saving for many.

Service to the Third World - Learning Spanish for Impact

Stephen's service extended to the third world through mission trips organized by his church to assist the Tarahumara people living in the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico. Determined not to let the language barrier hinder his service, Stephen dedicated himself to learning Spanish. His fluency enhanced the impact of the mission trips, allowing him to connect more deeply with the local community.

Service to Coquitlam - Guiding Youth

For seven years, Stephen served as a youth leader in his Coquitlam church. During this time, he provided guidance to young people navigating the complexities of adolescence, gaining insights into their struggles and aspirations.

Building Homes for British Columbia - A Hands-On Approach

Over the past 11 years, Stephen has been actively involved in building homes for British Columbians in the Lower Mainland as a carpenter. He understands the importance of tangible actions in addressing the housing shortage, emphasizing that homes are built by building homes.

Entrepreneurial Spirit - Financial Expertise

Stephen and his wife, Alex, operate a small business specializing in bookkeeping and business advisory services. This entrepreneurial experience has reinforced the significance of fiscal responsibility for organizations and businesses to thrive.

A Commitment to Coquitlam-Burke Mountain

Stephen Frolek's journey has been marked by a dedication to service, a commitment to making a difference, and a hands-on approach to addressing critical issues. With his experience in law enforcement, military service, community engagement, and entrepreneurship, he is prepared to serve the people of Coquitlam-Burke Mountain and make a positive impact in the riding.