June 5th, 2024 — Vancouver, BC: John Rustad, Leader of The Conservative Party of    British Columbia and Jordan Kealy, MLA Candidate for Peace River North, released the following joint statement after the suspension of operations at the Fort Nelson Gas Plant:

“Today, with a heavy heart, we address the unfortunate suspension of operations at the Fort Nelson Gas Plant. The plant's closure is not just an economic setback; it is a personal blow to thousands of our fellow British Columbians,” said Rustad. 

“When northern BC prospers, our whole province prospers. Our northern communities are critical to the economic vitality of our province and have always demonstrated remarkable resilience. But resilience is not enough when David Eby and the NDP government continues to pass anti-development, anti-industry policies that make it harder and harder to do business in our province.

We’re well past the time of “thoughts and prayers”. It is critical that we invest in the future of our northern communities, recognizing their enduring importance to the province as a whole. It’s time to kickstart our northern economies and ensure they can continue to create jobs and prosperity for all British Columbians.

A Conservative government will stand up for all communities in this province, in the face of destructive NDP policies. We need a provincial government that will take immediate and decisive action to support the affected workers and their communities and make the needed investments and will completely scrap the costly carbon tax to ensure Northern BC can excel in the years to come. In times of record-high debt and job losses, the NDP carbon tax is continuing to punish our rural communities at a time of high inflation and wasteful government spending. David Eby is out of touch with reality on the ground,” concluded Rustad.

“Together, we can navigate these difficult times and build a stronger, more resilient community, said Kealy. “It's been 26 days since the residents of Fort Nelson were forced to evacuate due to devastating wildfires. There is still no update from the province on how the town will move forward. Our communities deserve leadership that recognizes their real and pressing concerns. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the people of Fort Nelson for their unwavering strength and solidarity. Let us come together to support one another, and let us remind the provincial government of their responsibility to stand with British Columbians in these trying times,” said Rustad.

Media: Angelo Isidorou, [email protected]