July 19th, 2023 — VICTORIA, BC:

"I unequivocally support all of our brave men and women in law enforcement in BC. No matter what badge they hold, our officers deserve better than Ottawa's indecision and Victoria's indifference.

We all do.

I am appalled at the authoritarian approach of this NDP government. Municipalities in British Columbia have a right to choose their own law enforcement — in Surrey, that right has been violated.

Under BCU (Liberal) and NDP governments, violent crime and repeat offenses have skyrocketed. Both the NDP and NDP-lite approach have failed.

British Columbians deserve to feel safe in their communities — and they deserve a strong police force. This is a matter for citizens to decide, not politicians.

The Conservative Party of British Columbia is committing to putting a referendum in front of British Columbians on a Provincial Police force, so citizens can have a voice on the future of policing in British Columbia."

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