Vancouver, BC June 8, 2024:  Conservatives Party of BC leader John Rustad is calling for a forensic audit by BC’s Auditor General after the founders of the Drug User Liberation Front (DULF) were charged with drug trafficking.

As far back as 2021, DULF publicly stated they were buying hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, and meth from the dark web and selling them to members of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users. 

David Eby and the NDP funneled hundreds of thousands of  taxpayer dollars  through Vancouver Coastal Health to DULF, knowing it was being used as a hub for drug trafficking. This criminal activity was also being supported by the BC Centre on Substance Use, a key NDP research partner. 

John Rustad and the Conservatives of British Columbia are calling for a forensic audit to determine how all taxpayer dollars were used by DULF; whether taxpayer dollars were used to buy drugs, and the full extent of the knowledge of this criminal activity within the BC NDP Government.

“This gross misuse of taxpayer dollars is simply unfathomable, and Conservatives of BC are calling for transparency and accountability,’ says Rustad “these charges are a revolting example of how David Eby and the NDP continue to fail British Columbians with addictions while pouring public money into organized crime.”

“I have been calling on David Eby and the NDP to investigate this illegal activity and misuse of taxpayer dollars for nine months,” says Elenore Sturko, Surrey South MLA.

“David Eby turning a blind eye to this taxpayer-funded drug trafficking makes it clear that the NDP prioritizes drug legalization over the safety of British Columbians.”

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