Monday, February 19th, 2024 — Richmond, BC: Conservative Party of British Columbia candidate for Steveston—Richmond, Michelle Mollineaux, is calling for Richmond City Council members who voted in support of Kash Heed’s motion to publicly apologize to concerned Richmond residents. She is also asking Richmond Council to retract the motion to introduce an NDP drug consumption site to Richmond.

“Kash Heed had no business forcing through this hugely controversial motion (in Richmond Council) to introduce an NDP drug consumption site to Richmond. Residences, businesses and families in Richmond have serious public safety concerns about the crime and chaos that occurs outside of these NDP drug use sites. No one voted for this,” says Mollineaux.

“Kash Heed betrayed his constituents, and he betrayed families in Richmond who are trying to keep their community safe and drug free. He did not campaign on introducing an NDP drug use site to Richmond. To me, this looks like the woke majority on Richmond City Council pushing for the NDP’s drug agenda that offers more and more drugs, instead of drug prevention, rehabilitation and recovery,” Mollineaux continues.

“I’m involved with mentoring students in Richmond, and I’m particularly concerned about the NDP’s “safe-supply” coming into our schools. We need to push back against NDP Premier Eby’s agenda to normalize hard drug use — especially this NDP drug use site in Richmond,” Mollineaux concludes.

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