Reann Gasper is a force for positive change and a dedicated community builder with an unwavering commitment to justice, empowerment, and ethical leadership.

In the Heart of the Community

Reann is a vibrant advocate for the community. Her passion is grounded in a zero-tolerance stance against injustice and abuse of power. For her, being a public servant means being a true servant to the public, addressing the growing needs of the community with a focus on healthy relationships and strong individuals.

Community Involvement

Over the past several years, Reann has actively volunteered at Lydia House events in Mission and supported local front-line organizations that extend a helping hand to the homeless community in Abbotsford. Her contributions to local church outreaches for the homeless underline her commitment to seeing the needs of vulnerable citizens being met with dignity. 

Building Healthy Relationships

Reann has dedicated her career to serving others and through her experiences, she has witnessed the effectiveness of community empowerment and understands that empathy and a listening ear are crucial elements of productive leadership.

Leadership Experience Across Several Organizations:

  • BNI Leadership: Reann actively contributed to fostering business connections and relationships. She collaborated with team members to coordinate events, manage member engagement, and steer the overall leadership of the BNI Corridor chapter.

  • Eldership Church Board: Serving on the church board showcased Reann's commitment to community values. It involved decisions related to spiritual well-being, facility management, community outreach, and financial stewardship.

  • Youth Theatre Movement Board: Reann's passion for the arts led her to contribute to strategic planning for the Youth Theatre Movement. Her role included program development, budgeting, and ensuring alignment with broader community goals.

  • Real Estate Board: As an active member of FVREB, Reann is dedicated to adhering to ethical guidelines and upholding professionalism in her commitment to serving the public and collaborating within the real estate community.

  • Electoral District Association: Serving on the EDA involved strategic planning for political campaigns, voter outreach initiatives, and collaboration to organize fundraising and party awareness events.

Professional Background and Education

Reann is a Licensed Real Estate Agent with the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board, holding a Diploma in Interior Design from Lasalle College. Her academic journey also includes a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry, a diploma in Worship and Creative Arts, and a certificate in Pastoral Counselling. She has worked in the public school system, and currently serves as a Senior Church Leader for Creative Arts.

Conservative Values and Vision

At the heart of Reann's decision to be a Conservative Party candidate lies a belief in integrity, service, and responsible leadership. Her allegiance to the Conservative Party is rooted in shared values of freedom, personal responsibility, and promoting the growth of private enterprise. Reann stands for real, tangible change and a commitment to fiscal responsibility, uplifting the community and amplifying the voices of British Columbia residents.

A Proud Mother, Wife, and Advocate

Reann embraces a wide range of roles and responsibilities – a mother of three, a wife of 20 years, and an immigrant with a proud heritage. Beyond her family roles, she is a social justice advocate, actively raising funds and awareness for human trafficking while supporting local and global organizations that aid at-risk women and families.

Reann Gasper is a candidate who embodies the spirit of service, community, and ethical leadership – a true advocate for a better, stronger Abbotsford and Mission.