Rachael Weber

Rachael Weber


MLA Candidate

About Rachael

Rachael Weber's journey from her humble beginnings in Grande Cache, Alberta to her current standing as a dynamic political candidate for the Conservative Party in Prince George-Mackenzie is a testament to her unwavering commitment to community development and fostering strong relationships. With a deep-rooted sense of purpose and an impressive array of experiences, Rachael stands as a beacon of hope and positive change for the people she aspires to serve.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Grande Cache, Alberta, Rachael Weber's small-town upbringing instilled in her the values of hard work, community support, and the importance of a strong foundation in education. She graduated from high school in Ontario in 1999, setting the stage for her lifelong pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

In 2014, Rachael completed the Applied Business Technology Program at the College of New Caledonia in Mackenzie, BC, a decision that marked the beginning of her deep connection to the region. Her academic journey continued, with Rachael successfully completing the Welch Way Management Program in 2017, enhancing her leadership skills and strategic thinking.

Championing Education and Community Empowerment

Rachael's dedication to education and community empowerment shines through her various roles and affiliations. As the School District 57 Board Chair/Trustee, she has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to improving educational opportunities for the youth in the region. Her role as the Education Director for the McLeod Lake Indian Band further underscores her advocacy for equal educational access and cultural sensitivity.

Her involvement with organizations like Mackenzie Baptist Church, the Mackenzie Chamber of Commerce, and The McLeod Lake Indian Band reflects her holistic approach to community development. By engaging with diverse groups, Rachael has established herself as a unifying force, bridging gaps and fostering understanding.

A Legacy of Learning and Growth

Rachael's dedication to personal growth is exemplified by her relentless pursuit of education and professional development. Her completion of the Motivational Interviewing Program, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Certification, and Conflict Resolution Training attests to her commitment to addressing complex issues with empathy, compassion, and skill.

Her academic achievements continued as she successfully completed the Employee Business Law program through Thompson Rivers University, BC, demonstrating her keen understanding of the legal aspects of business and governance.

A Vision for a Stronger Future

Rachael Weber's innate ability to build relationships, coupled with her vast and diverse skill set, uniquely positions her as a candidate who can bring positive change to Prince George-Mackenzie. Her passion for creating a harmonious society through trust, transparency, and open communication resonates deeply with her constituents.

With a heart for every individual she encounters, Rachael strives to empower and uplift all British Columbians. Her dedication to the betterment of her community, her focus on education, and her unwavering commitment to progress make her a steadfast and promising candidate for the Conservative Party. As Rachael Weber steps forward to offer her leadership and vision, she presents a bright and hopeful future for the people she aims to represent.