Paul Ratchford

Paul Ratchford


MLA Candidate

About Paul

Paul Ratchford is a devoted longtime resident of Vancouver-Point Grey, where he shares his vibrant community with his wife, three young children, and a trusty four-legged companion. Born in Kitsilano, Paul's journey has come full circle as he returned to his roots after studying history and economics at Columbia University and launching his career in the bustling metropolis of New York City.

A Voice for Taxpayers and Reasonable Property Taxation

Paul Ratchford has been an unwavering advocate for the interests of taxpayers and the importance of maintaining reasonable property taxation rates. His passion for defending the economic well-being of Vancouver-Point Grey led him to volunteer with StepUp, a grassroots homeowners advocacy group based in Vancouver. In an era of new housing taxes introduced by the NDP in 2017, StepUp emerged as a vocal champion for sensible municipal property taxes, enhanced public safety, and staunch opposition to home equity taxes proposed by the Liberal/NDP coalition.

A Career Forged in the Private Sector

Throughout his career, Paul has remained firmly rooted in the private sector. He commenced his professional journey in investment banking, ultimately charting an entrepreneurial course. Paul possesses a wealth of experience in early-stage companies, venture capital, and real estate, reflecting a deep understanding of the dynamics that drive economic growth and prosperity.

Championing Prosperity and Freedom

To usher in a more prosperous future for all of British Columbia, Paul Ratchford emphasizes the pivotal role of strong economic leadership, the celebration of meritocratic values, the safeguarding of cherished freedoms, and a reverence for the history of this beautiful province. He recognizes that economic vitality is the cornerstone upon which robust social services, vital to the lives of many British Columbians, are built.

A Passion for Recreation and Achievement

In his leisure time, Paul finds solace in hiking through the scenic landscapes of the University Endowment Lands, accompanied by his loyal canine companion. Additionally, he is an accomplished tennis player, recently securing victory in the BC provincial championships for the 35-and-over age group. His exceptional skills even earned him the honor of representing Canada at the prestigious 2023 World Masters event in Manavgat, Turkey.

A Vision for Vancouver-Point Grey

Paul Ratchford is not merely a candidate; he's a passionate advocate with a deep connection to Vancouver-Point Grey. His commitment to economic stability, individual liberty, and preserving the prosperity of this community makes him an exceptional choice for the Conservative Party of BC. In the face of formidable opposition, including NDP Premier David Eby, Paul Ratchford's leadership offers a promising future for Vancouver-Point Grey and all of British Columbia.