Following his historic result in the Langford-Juan de Fuca By-Election, the Conservative Party of BC is excited to nominate Mike Harris as the candidate for the newly formed riding of Langford-Highlands.

About Mike

Mike Harris, an unwavering lifelong British Columbian, has journeyed through Maple Ridge, Mission, Vernon, South Surrey, and ultimately settled in Langford, leaving an indelible mark of positive transformation in every community he has graced. With a diverse background encompassing business acumen, community engagement, and a steadfast commitment to public service, Mike embodies the essence of the values cherished by British Columbia.

A Legacy of Excellence

From a journeyman carpenter to a thriving small business owner, Mike's journey has been characterized by a pursuit of excellence. His entrepreneurial ventures have granted him insights into the intricacies of business, along with a keen understanding of the challenges faced by working-class British Columbians.

A Beacon of Business Expertise

With a rich history in business, Mike's expertise stands as a guiding light for economic prosperity. His insights and understanding of business dynamics have earned him respect and admiration across Langford and beyond.

Advancing Values Through Public Service

Mike's unwavering commitment to public service has been evident during his tenure as a regional director with the Conservative Party of BC for the last two years. He is a staunch advocate for policies aligned with the values of British Columbians: fostering entrepreneurship, reducing tax burdens, and eliminating wasteful government practices. These principles underscore his relentless drive to elevate the prosperity and well-being of his fellow citizens.

Family Values and Community

At the core of Mike's leadership is a foundation built on strong family values. With a steadfast partnership spanning 39 years, he and his wife, Debbie, epitomize enduring love and commitment. Their family, now including two children and four grandchildren, reflects the principles of unity, community, and stability that guide Mike's mission.

Harmony in All Aspects

Mike's commitment to a balanced life is a reflection of his understanding of its importance. Whether he's nurturing a garden, finding solace in camping, or meticulously restoring collectible cars, these pursuits mirror his appreciation for life's finer aspects and his dedication to cherishing moments of tranquility.

A Trailblazing Campaign in 2023

In 2023, Mike Harris marked a significant chapter in British Columbia's political landscape by running as the Conservative Party candidate in the Langford-Juan de Fuca riding. His strong showing, despite coming in second place, underscored the resonance of his message and the immense support he garnered from the community.

A Mentor, Coach, and Community Stalwart

Beyond his political endeavors, Mike is a pillar of the community. Having coached minor sports for over 12 years for both boys and girls, he has dedicated himself to nurturing the province's future leaders. His service as a director for minor hockey and as a professional coach and mentor to executives and professionals for over two decades has left an indelible mark on community growth.

Championing a Vision for Progress

Mike Harris stands as a beacon of multifaceted leadership deeply embedded in the spirit of British Columbia. His journey, woven with business expertise and community dedication, positions him as a formidable candidate for the Conservative Party in Langford-Highlands. With Mike at the helm, the voters in Langford-Highlands will have true representation in the Legislature.