Langford, BC (June 8, 2023):  Conservative Party of British Columbia candidate for Langford-Juan de Fuca, Mike Harris says he'll fight to bring commuter rail to Southern Vancouver Island, including rail service in Langford.

“This is common sense. The highways are jam packed; traffic is unreal. People are sitting in their vehicles for hours when they should be at home spending time with their family. This is one of the fastest growing communities in BC — we deserve this investment in our infrastructure," says Harris.

"I'm in real estate. I've seen Langford grow at an unbelievable pace first-hand — we're welcoming in so many new families. It's fantastic, but we need the province to step up and give us the investment we deserve. Frankly, this should have happened a long time ago but the NDP took our votes for granted and BC Liberals didn't make investments in us when they had the chance," Harris continues.

“Langford-Juan De Fuca deserves commuter rail; Conservatives are going to fight for it. If you put your trust in me as your MLA, I'll fight and get it done. We shouldn't be treated like second-class British Columbians because we're on Vancouver Island. Look at all of the provincial funding Vancouver and Surrey gets — we're not asking for the moon, we're just asking for fairness," Harris concludes.

"Mike is fighting to get his community the investment it deserves from the province. Commuter rail is a common-sense solution to the traffic problems on Southern Vancouver Island. This isn't about politics, it's about doing what's right and what's fair," says Conservative Party of British Columbia Leader, MLA John Rustad.

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