Mike Harris nominated as Conservative Party of BC candidate for Langford–Juan de Fuca by-election


LANGFORD, BC (April 20, 2023): The Conservative Party of British Columbia has nominated award-winning realtor and journeyman carpenter Mike Harris as their candidate for the Langford–Juan de Fuca by-election.

Harris and his wife, who are Langford residents, ran a small business together for eight years that had to shut down during the pandemic due to government overreach. For the past two years, Harris has served as a regional director with the Conservatives, advocating for lower taxes, free enterprise, and cutting government waste. 

“I’m running to give people an option, to offer people a different voice,” said Harris.“We have a problem with affordability. People can’t afford to live here. The common person has been forgotten about, to the point where people don’t have anywhere to live.”

“Mike is an outstanding individual who is dedicated to his community,” said Conservative leader John Rustad. “He is passionate about housing affordability and transportation options. He believes as I do that the job of an MLA is first and foremost to be a voice for his riding, unlike the NDP and BC United who believe an MLAs role is to parrot their party line.”

“His energy and strengths will serve the riding well. We will work together to eliminate wasteful government policies that make life unaffordable. We will fight for the everyday working person. We will fight for what is right. We will fight for BC,” concluded Rustad.

Mike is a family man: he and his wife Debbie have been married for 39 years and have two children and four grandchildren. He enjoys gardening, camping, and working on his collectible cars. 

The by-election will be called by September 30, 2023.

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