Michelle Mollineaux

Michelle Mollineaux


MLA Candidate

About Michelle

Michelle Mollineaux, a dedicated advocate for the vibrant riding of Richmond-Steveston, brings a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to its residents. Her journey, spanning diverse sectors, underscores her unwavering dedication to promoting economic vitality, educational excellence, and community well-being.

A Global Citizen with a Local Heart

Born in London, England, and educated in the Caribbean, Michelle's international perspective enriches her vision for Richmond-Steveston. Her roots firmly planted in the community, Michelle has devoted the last decade to supporting local businesses, mentoring Grade 12 students, and championing youth soccer, making Richmond-Steveston her home away from home.

A Career Marked by Excellence

Michelle's illustrious corporate career spans over 25 years, primarily in high-tech, including esteemed roles at ZE PowerGroup, Layer 7 Technologies (Broadcom), and TELUS Enterprise Solutions (formerly ISMBC). Her entrepreneurial spirit shone through when co-founding KoolProjects, a free social enterprise platform empowering individuals and organizations.

Currently serving as the Director of Marketing and Channel Partnerships at ZE PowerGroup, Michelle drives innovation and success in data-driven industries, including energy, commodities, mining, agriculture, and renewable energy markets.

A Champion for Small to Large Businesses

Michelle stands as a staunch advocate for businesses, from small enterprises to large corporations, recognizing their pivotal role in community growth and economic development. Her support extends beyond traditional sectors, fostering innovative solutions in high-tech and burgeoning green industries, and amplifying manufacturing and agricultural advancements as examples of economic growth drivers.

A Passion for Education and Community

Before her high-tech career, Michelle contributed to higher education, serving at Simon Fraser University and the Vancouver Film School. Her dedication to community engagement and youth empowerment manifested through roles at the Vancouver Film School and Science World, where she developed programs connecting young people with science and technology leaders.

Advocate to Address the Climate Change and Environmental Crisis

With an unwavering commitment, Michelle champions the urgent need for actionable steps to combat climate change and confront the pressing environmental crisis. Her approach emphasizes a common-sense and collaborative strategy, aiming to drive impactful change through policy and community engagement.

Leadership in Healthcare

Michelle's leadership extends to healthcare as a public-appointed Board Member for the College of Registered Nurses of BC and the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC, playing a pivotal role in streamlining the regulatory framework for healthcare professionals.

A Strong Presence in Richmond-Steveston

Michelle's profound connection to Richmond-Steveston is evidenced through her extensive involvement with ZE PowerGroup and her roles as President of the KLM Soccer Club and a board member of the Vancouver Youth Soccer Association. She advocates for business growth and development through her staunch support of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

Michelle Mollineaux's commitment to the prosperity and growth of her community is unwavering. Her leadership, spanning various sectors, promises fresh perspectives and dedicated representation, making her a compelling choice as the Conservative Party candidate for Richmond-Steveston.