Macklin McCall

Macklin McCall


MLA Candidate

About Macklin McCall

Championing Conservative Values in West Kelowna-Peachland

Macklin McCall is honored to be the Conservative Party nominee for the West Kelowna-Peachland Riding, driven by an unwavering commitment to conservative values and community welfare. With a deep-rooted connection to the Okanagan, Macklin's journey reflects a lifetime dedicated to service and a profound understanding of our vibrant region.

Community Roots and Values-Driven Upbringing

Having spent his entire life in the Okanagan, with the last 15 years in West Kelowna, Macklin's ties to the community are profound. Growing up on a family farm in OK Falls instilled in him the values of hard work and community spirit, shaping his character. Pursuing higher education in criminology, psychology, and sociology at OUC in Penticton further fueled his passion for understanding the complexities of society.

Law Enforcement Service and Commitment to Mental Health

As a former RCMP officer with 19 years of service, Macklin has closely served the West Kelowna-Peachland Riding. His experience in addressing mental health challenges firsthand, particularly in a Police and Crisis Team role, highlights the urgent need for effective solutions in British Columbia. His dedication to preserving children's innocence and upholding parental rights underscores his commitment to community safety.

Economic Advocacy and Housing Solutions

Macklin recognizes the profound impact of economic and housing challenges on the region. Committed to advocating for policies that strengthen the economy, create job opportunities, and ensure accessible housing for all, he aims to address homelessness and support individuals through his work ethic.

Defender of Rights and Freedoms

Macklin's reverence for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was cultivated during his tenure in law enforcement, where he diligently protected and upheld these rights. If elected, he pledges to vigorously preserve and protect these rights, ensuring fairness and justice for all.

Deep Community Connection and Dedication to Conservative Values

Having lived in West Kelowna for over a decade and a half, Macklin's connection to the community is deeply ingrained. His dedication to conservative values and community welfare is resolute, seeking the support of constituents to champion these principles faithfully as their representative for the West Kelowna-Peachland Riding.