Former Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner Nominated By Conservative Party of BC in Surrey-Serpentine River


“What David Eby’s NDP put Surrey through is unforgivable — he has treated us like a second class city.”

20 JUNE 2024, SURREY, BC: The Conservative Party of BC is excited to announce former Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner as its candidate for Surrey-Serpentine River.

“What David Eby’s NDP put Surrey through is unforgivable — he has treated us like a second-class city,” said Hepner. “People are paying more taxes and getting fewer services in terms of schools, housing, healthcare, law enforcement — and everything else the government should do. Surrey has become more unaffordable and unsafe under Eby’s NDP.”

“John Rustad and his Conservative team have been relentless in their opposition to Eby’s radical policies. Conservatives are the opposition,” Hepner continued. “The Conservatives have put together a strong team to defeat Eby’s NDP, including business leaders, lawyers, addictions doctors, and small business owners. I’m proud to be joining the only alternative to the NDP, to fight for Surrey.”

“I thought I was retired — but I can’t stand by and do nothing while Eby ruins my city. Not happening,” Hepner concluded.

“It’s an incredible honour to have Linda Hepner running for us,” said Conservative Leader John Rustad. “Her experience in running a large city like Surrey is incredibly valuable not only to the residents of Surrey-Serpentine River, but also to the entire province. What an incredible impact Linda will have in Victoria.” Rustad concluded.

The Conservative Party of BC will soon have a full slate of 93 candidates across British Columbia.

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About Linda

Linda Hepner, now retired after a distinguished career in public service, has dedicated her life to improving the lives of Surrey residents. With over than two decades of experience working for the city of Surrey, three-terms a city councillor, and finally as the Mayor of Surrey, she has a deep passion for community development and support in Surrey. Linda is now running for the Conservative Party of BC in Surrey-Serpentine River, continuing her commitment to serving her community.

As mayor, Linda successfully led the initiative to relocate a significant homeless population from 135A Street. By directly engaging with the homeless and understanding their unique needs, she implemented a voluntary, individualized approach that effectively addressed diverse issues on a case-by-case basis. One of Linda's most impactful achievements was guiding Surrey to become the first city in Canada to develop a Coastal Adaptation Strategy. This pioneering effort demonstrated her commitment to climate change awareness and proactive planning for future environmental challenges. Recognizing the pressing need for affordable housing, Linda also focused on supporting families living at or below the poverty line.

During her tenure as mayor, Linda held numerous key positions, including Vice-Chair of Metro Vancouver's Mayors' Council, Director of Translink, and Director of Metro Vancouver. She also chaired several important committees such as the Surrey Police Committee, the Innovation Boulevard Mental Health & Addictions Committee, and the Mayor's Task Force on Gang Reduction, which secured $7M in federal funding. Linda's was recognized as one of the Top 50 Influencers in British Columbia and partnered with Simon Fraser University to appoint a Chair for Mental Health. Additionally, she was honoured as an Honorary Firefighter — with a Civic Leadership Bursary awarded annually in her honour.

Before becoming mayor, Linda served as a city councillor from 2005 to 2014. During this time, she chaired the City of Surrey's 2010 Olympic Committee, overseeing Surrey's role as a venue city for volunteer training and development of a family site, which earned the city the title of the best family venue for the Olympic experience. She also led the Mayor's Committee for Red Tape Reduction in city services, the Surrey Regional Economic Summit, and the Mayor's Task Force on Investment and Job Creation. Linda chaired the BC Summer Games, served on the Executive Committee of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, and was a member of the Recycling Council of BC in the development of the ReturnIt program. She also held directorial roles with the Surrey Tourism Association, Metro Vancouver Board, Surrey Agriculture Committee, Surrey Parks and Recreation Committee, Federation of Canadian Municipalities Women in Leadership Committee, Pacific Parklands, Metro Vancouver Municipal Finance Committee, Metro Vancouver Utilities Committee, and Surrey Development Corporation.

Linda's career with the City of Surrey began in 1985, where she held roles as Manager of Economic Development, Director of Corporate Services, and Liaison to the Provincial Ombudsman. In these capacities, she ensured that policies or events affecting residents and brought to the attention of the Provincial Ombudsman were thoroughly investigated and responded to. She was responsible for the Film and Special Events section, including major events like Canada Day, Party for the Planet, and Air Canada PGA corporate events. Linda also played a crucial role in economic development and investment, policy development, and supporting the Council's Business Development Committee. She was a founding member of the Surrey Foundation (now Surrey Cares) and the Surrey Tourism Association, where she contributed to the construction of the Visitor Centre at Pacific Border Crossing and supported the city's Y2K Celebration.

With a legacy of service and a proven track record of leadership, Linda Hepner continues to work towards a better future for Surrey and its residents as she runs for the Conservative Party of BC in Surrey-Serpentine River.