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The race is on!

The Conservative Party of British Columbia is gearing up for an exciting new chapter in its history, as the party launches a leadership race following the recent transition of Trevor Bolin into an interim-leader role. As the province faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the Conservative Party is seeking a leader who can inspire, unite, and lead British Columbia into a prosperous and successful future.

The leadership race is an opportunity for British Columbians to engage in the democratic process and have their voices heard. The Conservative Party is committed to a fair and transparent leadership race, where all candidates have an equal opportunity to make their case to party members and the wider public.

The party is looking for a leader who has the vision, experience, and leadership qualities to lead the province forward. The successful candidate will need to have a deep understanding of the issues facing British Columbians, a commitment to fiscal responsibility, and a track record of success in their personal and professional lives.

The Conservative Party of British Columbia is a dynamic and growing organization, with a strong commitment to serving the people of this province. The party is excited to welcome new members, supporters, and volunteers to join in this leadership race and help shape the future of the province.

The leadership race is a critical moment for the Conservative Party of British Columbia and for the province as a whole. We invite all British Columbians to join us in this important journey and help us find the right leader to take us forward into a prosperous and successful future.

Important Dates

March 12

Nominations open.

March 29

Nomination period closes.

May 7

the day by which an individual must be a member of the Party, in order to be a member in good standing with the right to vote for the Leader.

May 28

Leaderhsip vote, if there is more than one candidate.

Declared Candidates

Prospective candidates may request an application by emailing our LEOC Chair, Aisha Estey: [email protected]


The Conservative Party of BC Leader will be elected on May 28, 2023, unless there is only one contestant.

To be eligible to become a Leadership Candidate an individual must: (a) be a member in good standing; (b) be eligible under the Election Act for election to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia; and (c) not be a person whose approval to become a Leadership Candidate would likely bring the Party into disrepute.

The full rules and procedures can be downloaded here

Any individual with a valid membership prior to May 7 is eligible to vote in the leadership election.

The Leadership Election Organizing Committee or "LEOC" is the body primarily responsbile for administering the election. LEOC is entirely made up of volunteers.

For any further questions or concerns, contact our LEOC Chair, Aisha Estey: [email protected]

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