A Dedicated Engineer and Business Leader Running for Peace River South

Larry Neufeld, a seasoned Professional Engineer and accomplished business leader, is committed to the betterment of his local community and society as a whole. Running as a candidate for the Conservative Party of BC in Peace River South, Larry brings a wealth of experience, strong values, and a passion for serving his constituents.

Rooted in the Peace River South Community

Larry's deep commitment to the Peace River South electoral district is evident in the long period he and his family have called this area home. Growing up as the eldest son of a first-generation farmer, Larry inherited a strong work ethic and a "make do with what we have" attitude. His journey led him to pursue higher education, earning a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering and pursuing Graduate Studies in the same discipline. His dedication and hard work paid off when he was appointed Vice President of Western Canada's largest environmental remediation contractor at just 29 years old.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Fiscal Responsibility

Larry's entrepreneurial journey began in 2006 when he founded and managed his own successful companies, giving him a profound understanding of fiscal requirements and responsibilities. His approach to managing finances is guided by the principle of not borrowing money for things that cannot be afforded. With a keen understanding of compound interest, Larry believes in responsible financial management and looks forward to bringing this perspective to government.

A Commitment to Strong Values and Community

As a former Reserve Infantry Platoon Commander, Larry instilled strong values in the troops under his command. He has also dedicated countless volunteer hours to his local community, embodying his commitment to service and making a positive impact.

Exploring Diverse Cultures and Engaging with People

Larry's personal interests extend beyond business and politics. He is an avid traveler who seeks to connect with local people and understand their cultures and ways of life. Engaging with and forming meaningful connections with others is a core value he brings to every aspect of his life.

A Voice for a Better Community

Larry does not support the current political structure and is determined to make the South Peace Region community a better place by providing a strong voice and unwavering support for its residents.

Fiscal Conservatism and Law and Order

Larry's political views align with fiscal conservatism, rooted in the belief that one should not borrow money for things beyond their means. His deep understanding of compound interest informs his commitment to responsible financial management. Moreover, Larry advocates for the strengthening and re-establishment of law and order in the province, emphasizing personal responsibility for one's actions and their consequences.

Larry Neufeld's candidacy for Peace River South represents a unique blend of engineering expertise, business acumen, strong values, and a commitment to community service. With his dedication to fiscal responsibility and law and order, Larry is ready to be a powerful advocate for the constituents of Peace River South, working tirelessly to create a safer, more prosperous, and better future for all.