Kristina Loewen

Kristina Loewen


MLA Candidate

About Kristina Loewen

Professional Experience

Kristina is a seasoned real estate professional, known for her exceptional ability to prioritize her clients' needs while maintaining a level-headed approach under pressure. Her career has not only honed her skills in negotiation and client relations but has also given her a deep understanding of the local housing market.

Community Involvement

In addition to her work in real estate, Kristina has been actively involved in various aspects of the healthcare system. Starting as a care-aide, she later became a doula, supporting families during childbirth. Her commitment to empowering individuals extends to her role as a youth and young adult leader in her community, where she inspires others to achieve their goals.

Advocacy and Values

Kristina is a passionate advocate for affordable housing, recognizing the importance of stable and accessible housing for all. She is also committed to extensive tax reform and fiscal responsibility, believing that a balanced budget and a profitable economy are crucial for the prosperity of British Columbians.

Personal Life

Kristina Loewen has been an integral part of the Kelowna community for 25 years. She is happily married to Andrew, and together they have four children. Their enduring marriage of 26 years this spring is a testament to their commitment to family values.

Vision for the Future

Kristina envisions a future where individuals and families are empowered in all aspects of their lives, including health, finances, and relationships. She believes that a strong, safe, and united community, coupled with a thriving economy, are essential for achieving this vision. Kristina's strong conservative values drive her commitment to forging a better future for Kelowna, the province, and all its residents.

Kristina Loewen's blend of professional expertise, community engagement, and strong conservative values make her a compelling candidate for Kelowna Centre. Her dedication to empowering individuals and families, coupled with her commitment to affordable housing and fiscal responsibility, positions her as a candidate who is ready to lead Kelowna into a prosperous future.

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