Kerry Van Aswegen

Kerry Van Aswegen


MLA Candidate

About Kerry Van Aswegen

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Kerry van Aswegen, a dedicated candidate for the Conservative Party of BC in Port Moody-Burquitlam, brings a wealth of experience from both her personal and professional life, rooted in a commitment to family, business, education, and community service.

Family and Immigration Journey

Married for 41 years, Kerry and her family lived in South Africa until 1993 when they made the life-changing decision to immigrate to Canada. With three children and three grandchildren, Kerry's personal experiences have shaped her understanding of the challenges and opportunities that families face in building happy and successful communities.

Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Tri-Cities

In 1997, Kerry van Aswegen established and operated a business in the Tri-Cities, fostering economic growth and contributing to the local community for 27 years. Her hands-on experience in running a business has provided her with valuable insights into the challenges faced by both small businesses and individuals in today's economic climate.

Focus on Family Wellbeing

Kerry passionately believes that strong and cohesive families are fundamental to thriving communities. Recognizing the strains caused by financial and social issues, she acknowledges the crisis in affordability leading to long food bank lineups, housing concerns, mental health issues, and drug abuse. Kerry is determined to address these challenges by advocating for conservative economic principles, including lower taxes, smaller government, balanced budgets, and fewer regulations, with the aim of restoring affordability and fostering economic wealth.

Commitment to Education

With a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Education from the University of Pretoria, Kerry has keenly observed the changes in the school system since immigrating 31 years ago. She emphasizes the importance of traditional family values and basic education, asserting that parents are primarily responsible for their children's upbringing. Kerry advocates for the removal of ideology from classrooms, restoring parental rights, and ensuring educators support families rather than undermine parental responsibility.

Vision for Healthcare

Kerry's vision for healthcare aligns with her commitment to strong families. She advocates for government support in the form of voluntary and mandatory drug rehabilitation, mental health support hospitals, and programs. She stands against approaches such as the "Safe Supply" program, decriminalization of hard drugs, and the growth of tent cities, emphasizing that these initiatives do not effectively address the challenges faced by families dealing with drug and mental health issues.

Community Involvement and Conservative Values

Kerry's community involvement includes running for the school board and supporting local MLAs through their elections and in their riding associations. Motivated by a genuine desire to serve, Kerry brings a conservative orientation to Port Moody-Burquitlam, aiming to represent the community's aspirations and interests. With a strong background in the Tri-Cities business community, she is poised to advocate for policies that will positively impact the lives of residents in the riding.