A Farmer with a Vision

Jordan Kealy is a well-known farmer based in Cecil Lake, where he has resided with his wife since 2008. Together, they run a small farm focused on raising grassfed beef, providing consumers with a 'gate-to-plate' direct sales experience.

From Mechanic to Problem-Solver

Before transitioning into sustainable agriculture, Jordan's background included working as a Red Seal Industrial Mechanic. His practical approach of "Fix things properly the first time so you don't have to do it again" earned him a reputation as a skilled problem-solver. It's this innate problem-solving nature that led him to serve as a Peace River Regional Director and now as a Conservative Party of BC Candidate for Peace River North.

Championing Common Sense in Politics

Jordan is deeply concerned about policies driven by special interest groups and implemented by the current government, which he believes do not align with the preferences of many BC residents, especially those in the North. His mission is to bring a commonsense voice back to his riding, advocating for the majority and addressing uniquely northern issues.

Active Involvement in Local Initiatives

Actively engaged in supporting local initiatives, Jordan serves on numerous boards. As the Director for Electoral Area B on the Peace River Regional District Board, he has established himself as a dedicated advocate, particularly in making tough decisions aligned with the preferences of his constituents, even when they differ from other government representatives.

Preserving Local Economy and Infrastructure

Jordan places great importance on improving and preserving the local economy and infrastructure. He believes that shutting down critical industries like agriculture, oil and gas, and forestry is not in the best interest of the region. He shared his insights and experiences on these matters at the 2022 UBCM conference and meetings regarding the agricultural industry and local food security.

A Fiscal Conservative with a Vision

Firmly committed to fiscal conservatism, Jordan advocates for responsible spending, smaller government, and initiatives that do not overtax the population. He sees the potential of his region to be an economic powerhouse and is frustrated by decisions that seem to favor criminals, foreign corporations, and government dependence.

Advocating for Individual Freedom and Healthcare Reform

Jordan is also a staunch advocate for individual freedom and healthcare reform, driven by personal experiences within his family that highlight the issues within the healthcare system. He is determined to be a community leader for change in this regard.

A Voice for Northern Communities

In his belief that residents of the North Peace should have a greater say in planning and decision-making processes affecting them, Jordan stands firmly for government accountability and practical approaches. His goal is to preserve and enhance the quality of life for his community's future generations, prioritizing what is right over what is easy.