Conservative Party Leader John Rustad votes against 'united' NDP and BC United support for mandates, lockdowns, and anti-freedom movement rhetoric 

NDP and BC UNITED MLAs vote together, united by their support for continued mandates and past lockdowns while condemning peaceful freedom movement protests 

VICTORIA, BC (April 19, 2023): Conservative Party of British Columbia Leader, MLA John Rustad, stood alone as the only MLA to push back and vote "NO" against NDP policies which occurred during the COVID-19 crisis. 

During Question Period on Monday, April 17th, Conservative Party MLA John Rustad was the lone "NO," voting against the BC NDP's motion "denouncing the freedom convoy and affirming BC's response to the COVID-19 pandemic". 

Some of the policies which the BC NDP and BC United voted in unison to support include: 

  • Banning religious services, including Sunday Church services; 
  • Preventing people from being with a dying family member; 
  • Preventing family from visiting elders in a care facility; 
  • Preventing family and friends from visiting their loved ones in hospitals; 
  • Firing doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals; 
  • Forcing 7,000+ healthcare professionals out of BC's healthcare system; 
  • Locking down British Columbians and restricting our freedoms and movement; 
  • Forcing thousands of businesses, especially small businesses, into bankruptcy; 
  • Only allowing large box chain stores to remain open while closing and punishing local, small businesses; 
  • Reckless spending which generated massive deficits for future generations to pay; 
  • Government condemning peaceful freedom protests and British Columbians' right to free speech; 
  • Implementing mandates and firing non-compliant public sector employees. 

"It was truly saddening to see my BC Liberal, now BC United, colleagues all vote in unison with the NDP to cheer on and support NDP policies that hurt British Columbians during the COVID-19 crisis. After this week, one thing is certain — BC's political left and centre-left have never been more united," says Rustad. 

“MLAs who claim to be 'conservative' behind closed doors just outright abdicated their duty to their conscience and to their constituents by failing to show up. It has never been more clear, there is only one choice for conservatives in British Columbia and there is only one choice for voters who want real change," Rustad continues. 

"If British Columbians want change, they will have the option to vote for a Conservative Party of British Columbia candidate in every riding in our big, beautiful province. And, unlike other opposition parties, the Conservative Party of British Columbia is not 'united' with Trudeau's Liberals or the BC NDP," Rustad concludes.