John Rustad Becomes Leader Of The Conservative Party Of BC

VICTORIA, BC (March 31, 2023): Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad is the new Leader of the Conservative Party of BC. This comes after the party launched a Leadership Race earlier this month, following previous leader Trevor Bolin’s decision to step into an Interim-Leader role.

“I want to thank the thousands of members of the Conservative Party of British Columbia. I appreciate the trust you're putting in my leadership, and I promise you this — no one will outwork me,” said Conservative leader John Rustad.

“As Minister of Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation, I signed over 400 agreements with BC's First Nations. These agreements brought tens of thousands of jobs to BC and brought thousands of families out of poverty. Failure wasn't an option then, and it isn't an option now.”

“For the past 18 years, fighting for British Columbia has been my life. I am going to be focused, I am going to be relentless, and I am going to bring the fight to the woke NDP and Liberals who think that they should get to limit your job prospects, deny your freedom, gatekeep your healthcare, spend your money, tell you how to raise your children and reduce your public safety by having compassion for criminals instead of their victims,” he continued.

“Enough is enough. It's time for everyday, hardworking British Columbians to be heard, to be respected, and to have the opportunity to fight for a better future. It's time for all of us to Fight for British Columbia.”

“I am thrilled hearing the announcement that John Rustad has been named my successor and the new leader of BC’s Conservatives.” said former leader Trevor Bolin. “I wish the utmost success for John as the new leader and growth for this great party.  As for me, this isn’t the end - it’s just the beginning.”

“I have enjoyed my time as leader immensely, and over the past month, the number one question I have been asked, is, ‘what was the best part?’  I would say it's the ability to meet and connect with so many of you over the last few years from all over this great province.”

“I have to thank Trevor Bolin. His leadership and commitment to the Party has been exemplary. To John, thank you for joining us as the Party grows the conservative movement this Province wants and so desperately needs. We are counting on you,” said LEOC Chair Aisha Estey. 

“The Conservative Party is going to bring people together in every single region of British Columbia, and we are going to continue to build a genuine grassroots movement for positive change. Every single British Columbian voter will have the opportunity to tick a box that says ‘Conservative’ when they cast their vote in the next election,” concluded Conservative leader John Rustad.

The Conservative Party of BC would like to thank Trevor Bolin for his years of service to the party and is proud to nominate Mr. Bolin as the Conservative candidate for Peace River North in the upcoming provincial election.



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