Jaclyn Aubichon, a devoted wife and mother of three young children, is a compelling candidate for the Conservative Party of BC in West Vancouver-Capilano. For the past decade, Jaclyn has dedicated herself to the role of a stay-at-home mom while concurrently managing her own online boutique as an entrepreneur. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, she, along with her family, embraced the allure of beautiful British Columbia in 2019.

Family-Centric Values

Family stands at the core of Jaclyn's universe. Firmly rooted in Conservative values, she celebrates humanity through principles that are grounded in common sense, positivity, and respect. Her commitment to these values serves as the foundation for her vision for the community and beyond.

Diverse Background and Enriching Experiences

Before embracing the joys of motherhood, Jaclyn was an avid traveler, traversing diverse landscapes and immersing herself in various cultures. Her journeys have been an enriching experience that extends beyond geographical boundaries. Through these adventures, she has gained a wealth of knowledge, embraced diverse perspectives, and continuously cultivated personal growth.

Community Engagement and Advocacy

Jaclyn is not only a caregiver at home but also an active participant in her community. She has mobilized a parent group that successfully raises awareness about the challenges families with children face. Organizing weekly meetups to discuss current issues, Jaclyn is motivated by the significant transformations in the education system, aiming to address these real concerns. Her passion for these issues reflects her aspiration to contribute to reshaping the political landscape, fostering positive and meaningful change.

Leadership and Critical Thinking

Recognized as a natural leader and critical thinker, Jaclyn's recent experiences have deepened her understanding of society, people, and herself. This period of self-discovery has taught her to be cautious and to critically question the governing body and its policies. Jaclyn believes in the importance of standing up for what is right and just, even if one must stand alone.

Jaclyn Aubichon brings a unique blend of family-centered values, diverse experiences, community engagement, and a commitment to positive change to her candidacy. As a representative of the Conservative Party of BC, she aims to amplify the voices of her community and address the real issues that matter most to its residents.