Statement from Leader of the Conservative Party of BC, John Rustad, and Sheldon Clare, Candidate for Prince George-North Cariboo

Thursday, June 27, 2024 — WELLS, BC: The Conservative Party of BC and Sheldon Clare, candidate for Prince George-North Cariboo, released the following statement on the disastrous and continued mismanagement of Highway 26 and a petition received by residents who live in the Wells and Quesnel area:

“As British Columbians are thinking about packing up their cars and exploring the province this summer, the last thing they should be worried about is their own safety while driving on a taxpayer-funded road,” said Conservative Party of BC leader John Rustad. “We have heard loud and clear from the hundreds of residents along the Wells and Quesnel area who presented their concerns to the Conservative Party of BC regarding the terrible and dangerous state of Highway 26. It’s time for action to be taken.”

“The NDP’s track record of fiscal mismanagement and failure to invest in critical infrastructure projects, like Highway 26, is simply not acceptable or sustainable,” he added. “The people living in, working in, and travelling to Prince George-North Cariboo should be rest assured that the Conservative Party of BC will manage the bridges, roads, and promised projects that keep our community connected to businesses and tourists alike,” Rustad concluded.

“From unkept highway infrastructure investment promises to unsafe roads, David Eby and the NDP have completely abandoned northern British Columbians,” said Sheldon Clare, Conservative Party of BC candidate for Prince George-North Cariboo. “The people who live and travel along the Wells-Barkerville Highway deserve better. The road is heavily rutted, eroded, and has many stretches which pose a danger to residents, workers, and the tens of thousands of tourists who travel Highway 26 every year on their way to the goldfields and beyond.” 

When elected, the Conservative Party of BC will take action to ensure that this important and vital transportation corridor for industry, tourists, local communities, and families is safe and reliable. We will ensure that Highway 26 is properly maintained so it is no longer an unsafe embarrassment to our communities.

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