The Conservative Party of British Columbia has nominated small business owner Harman Bhangu as the MLA candidate for the Surrey South By-Election.

“I’m running to be the next MLA for Surrey South because I am tired of the NDP’s harmful policies. I am tired of feeling a sense of anxiety every time I pull up to the pump and being penalized with a carbon tax, and I know I am not alone, “Bhangu said. “I am tired of putting my family through a deteriorating healthcare system that works for nobody. Above everything, I am tired of politicians who promise to bring in change but are actually no different from the other guy.”

“I am beyond excited about working with Harman in this election,”  said Conservative leader Trevor Bolin. He continued, “Surrey south has the opportunity to change Provincial politics in this by-election by electing the first Conservative MLA in BC since the 1970s.  

In addition to the debut of Harman Bhangu, the Conservative Party of British Columbia unveiled a new logo and website for the party.

The By-Election for Surrey South will take place on September 10, 2022.